• Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence
  • STORM, PALM, PAINT, and other forms of super-resolution localization microscopy
  • Live cell imaging


  • Nikon Ti Microscope with TIRF and N-STORM
  • Andor DU-897 EMCCD camera
  • Hamamatsu Flash4.0 sCMOS camera
  • Keysight MLC-400B high power laser launch
  • Sutter emission filter wheel


Installed on the microscope:

  • 10x / 0.3 Plan Fluor
  • 20x / 0.75 Plan Apo VC

100x / 1.45 Plan Apo TIRF and 100x / 1.49 Apo TIRF lenses can be signed out from our large collection of Nikon objectives.


Example DyeLaserDichroicEmission Filter
DAPI405 nmQuad N-STORMET455/50m
FITC488 nmQuad N-STORMET525/50m
Cy3561 nmQuad N-STORMET600/60m
Cy5647 nmQuad N-STORMET705/72m
Multicolor488 / 561 / 647 nmQuad N-STORMZET488/561/640m (triple bandpass)

Additional information about this microscope is available on the NIC wiki.