• 3 color laser scanning confocal
  • Spectral imaging
  • Upright microscope


  • Nikon FN-1 upright microscope
  • Nikon C1si laser-scanning confocal


Kept with the microscope:

  • Plan Fluor 10x/0.30 W
  • NIR Apo 40x/0.80 W
  • NIR Apo 60x/1.0 W

Other lenses can be signed out from our large collection of Nikon objectives.


  • 405 nm excitation for DAPI and similar dyes
  • 488 nm excitation for FITC / GFP and similar dyes
  • 561 nm excitation for Cy3 / RFP and similar dyes

Additional information about the spectral confocal can be found on the NIC wiki.