We have a large collection of objectives that can be signed out for use on our microscopes. We have multiples of the most popular objectives, so you should have no trouble getting the objective you need for your experiment. We also have DIC prisms for all of our DIC-capable objectives.

ClassMagnificationNumerical ApertureImmersion mediumNotes
Plan UW10.04Air
Plan Apo20.1Air
Plan Apo λ40.2Air
Plan Apo λ100.45Air
Plan Fluor100.3AirPhase contrast
Plan Fluor200.45AirExtra long working distance
Plan Fluor200.75Water / Glycerol / OilMulti-immersion, Correction collar
Plan Apo200.75Air
Plan Apo200.75AirPhase contrast
Plan Fluor401.3Oil
Plan Apo λ400.95AirCorrection collar
Plan Fluor400.6AirExtra long working distance
Apo LWD401.15WaterCorrection collar
S Fluor401.3Oil
Plan Apo IR601.27WaterCorrection collar
Plan Apo VC601.2WaterCorrection collar
Plan Apo VC601.4Oil
Plan Fluor600.7AirExtra long working distance
Plan Apo λ1001.45OilTIRF
Plan Apo1001.4OilPhase contrast
S Fluor1000.5-1.3OilAdjustable NA
Plan Apo VC1001.4Oil
Apo TIRF1001.49OilTIRF, Correction collar


We have the following condensers available for high resolution DIC imaging and dark field imaging. These can be signed out for installation on our microscopes.

  • 1.4 NA oil DIC
  • 0.85 NA dry DIC
  • 0.72 NA CLWD
  • 1.2 – 1.43 NA oil dark field condenser