• 4-color fluorescence imaging
  • 3D confocal imaging
  • Gigapixel image stitching
  • Automated imaging
  • Live cell time lapse imaging
  • High speed imaging
  • Photobleaching and photoactivation


  • Nikon Ti Microscope
  • Andor Borealis CSU-W1 spinning disk confocal
  • Andor 4-line laser launch (100 mW at 405, 561, and 640 nm; 150 mW at 488 nm)
  • Lumencor Spectra-X 6-channel LED illuminator
  • Sutter excitation and emission filter wheel
  • Andor Zyla 5.5 sCMOS camera for widefield imaging
  • Andor Zyla 4.2 sCMOS camera for confocal imaging
  • Andor DU-888 EMCCD camera for confocal imaging
  • Rapp programmable illumination system
  • Vortran 405 and 473 nm lasers for photobleaching / photoactivation


Installed on the microscope:

  • 10x / 0.45 Plan Apo λ
  • 20x / 0.75 Plan Apo λ

Other lenses can be signed out from our large collection of Nikon objectives.


Widefield Filters:

Example DyeExcitation FilterDichroicEmission Filter
FITC485/20x FF410/504/582/669525/30m
Cy3560/25x FF410/504/582/669607/36m
YFPET504/12x FF440/520542/27m

Confocal Filters:

Example DyeLaserEmission Filter
DAPI405 nmET450/50m
FITC488 nmET525/50m
Cy3561 nmET600/50m
Alexa 594561 nmET620/60m
Cy5640 nmET700/75m

Additional information about the high speed widefield / confocal can be found on the NIC wiki.