These microscopes are available to all users of the Nikon Imaging Center. To schedule training, or if you have questions about which microscope will best meet your experimental needs, please contact the core directors.

Spinning Disk Confocal

Nikon Ti inverted fluorescence microscope with CSU-22 spinning disk confocal, EMCCD camera, and incubator, CO2, and humidity control. Optimized for high sensitivity imaging of live cells at high resolution.

High Speed Widefield / Confocal

Nikon Ti inverted fluorescence microscope with CSU-W1 large field of view confocal. Optimized for high speed (100 fps+) imaging and large-field of view spinning disk confocal imaging.

6D Widefield

Nikon Ti inverted fluorescence microscope with cameras for five-color fluorescence imaging and color brightfield imaging of slides and multiwell plates.

Timelapse Widefield

Inverted widefield fluorescence microscope with 37°C incubator, humidity, and CO2 control for long-term time-lapse imaging of mammalian cells.


Nikon N-STORM microscope. Four-line laser launch for multicolor total internal reflection (TIRF) imaging and localization super-resolution microscopy.


Nikon N-SIM Structured Illumination Microscope. Four-color super-resolution imaging with XY resolution of 120 nm and Z resolution of 350 nm.

Spectral Confocal

Nikon C1si spectral confocal on an upright FN-1 microscope. Three-color laser scanning confocal with spectral detector.

Light Sheet Microscope

Light sheet microscope using a Nikon AZ100 stand. Capable of four-color fluorescence imaging of cleared tissue samples, up to 2cm on a side, at cellular resolution.

Objectives and Shared Hardware

We have a large range of objectives, from 1x to 100x, shared among our microscopes, as well as condensors, phase contrast, and DIC optics.

Hardware and Software for Image Analysis

We have four image analysis workstations with multiple software packages installed.