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 +The NIC uses MyCores, a web-based system administered through the UCSF Research Resource Program, for all reservations of our equipment. The RRP has a website with more detailed information on how to use MyCores. [[http://​​rrp/​14628-DSY.html]]
 +==Getting started with MyCores==
 +  * User Accounts
 +      * If you do not currently have an account in MyCores you will need to fill out the New User Access form [[https://​​SE/?​SID=SV_4MzIrI3BuOJsJjD]] if you are a UCSF researcher or a External Customer Access Form [[https://​​SE/?​SID=SV_3x9L2aWcGYGvlpr]] if you are an external user.
 +  * MyCores Login
 +      * MyCores is access through UCSF MyAccess. If you do not have a user account you will not be able to gain access to the MyCores website and will have an error message
 +      * External users will need to submit additional paperwork to be assigned a UCSF affiliate ID number which will then allow them to gain access to MyCores.
 +  * Access to the NIC calendars
 +      * We grant access to the NIC calendars after a user has completed a training session. ​
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