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Monthly Microscopy Users Meeting

In order to try and build a sense of community among the microscopists at UCSF and catalyze the exchange of information between the various people doing microscopy here, a monthly microscopy users group meeting has started. The goal of this meeting is to provide an informal setting for people to talk about the microscopy aspects of their work. As there are currently many forums to talk about the science being done, this new forum is where people could discuss the technical aspects of their work, which often are left out when talking about the science. This meeting to be open to all types of microscopy being done at UCSF. If you are interested in speaking, send an email to Alice ( and she will schedule you in. Attendance is open to all at UCSF.

Upcoming Talk

March 15th 4-5pm Genentech Hall Rm S-201

  • Aperys


Date Time Location Presenter 1 Presenter 2
February 23rd 4-5pm S201 Vito Mennella Emily Fox
March 15th 4-5pm S201 Aperys Open
April 19th 4-5pm S201 Stephanie Woo Todd Huffman, 3Scan
May 17th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
June 14th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
July 19th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
August 16th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
September 20th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
October 18th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
November 15th 4-5pm S201 Open Open
Past Microscopy User Presenters

February 23rd 4-5pm Genentech Hall Rm S-201

  • Emily Fox, Johnson Lab, UCSF: “Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy reveals transcriptional regulators of biofilm formation in Candida albicans”
  • Vito Menella, Agard Lab, UCSF: “Sub-diffraction-resolution fluorescence microscopy reveals a novel domain of the centrosome critical for pericentriolar material organization”

December 15th 4-5pm Genentech Hall Rm S-201

  • Eric Branlund, Agard Lab, UCSF: “Refining Alignments for EM Tomography: Replacing Fiducial Markers with Software”
  • Zhiqiang Dong, Guo Lab, UCSF: “In vivo imaging of forebrain neural progenitor cells in the developing zebrafish, danio rerio”

November 2011 - Microscopy users Meeting

  • Anastasia Henry, VonZastrow Lab, UCSF: “Regulation of clathrin-coated pits by quorum sensing of ubiquitinated receptors.”
  • Alex Mok, Technical Specialist, CellAsics: “Dynamic Live Cell Imaging with Microfluidic Cell Culture”

October 2011 - Microscopy users Meeting

  • Susanne Rafelski, Marshall Lab, UCSF: “Quantifying mitochondrial network topology in 3 dimensions: automated segmentation, skeletonization, and validation.”
  • John James, Vale Lab, UCSF: “Visualizing receptor signaling in a reconstituted immune cell”

August 2011 - Microscopy Users Meeting

  • Beth Cimini, UCSF: “Introduction to Cell Profiler and Cell Profiler Analyst”
  • Pete Haggie, UCSF: “Development of fluorescence quenching techniques to study protein trafficking”

July 2011 - Microscopy Users Meeting

  • Mike Schwartz, Fluxion Biosciences: “Recent innovations in microfluidic instrumentation for live cell imaging”
  • Matt Paszek, UCSF: “Scanning Angle Interference Microscopy: A New Method for Imaging Nano-scale Cell Dynamics”

May 2011 - Microscopy Users Meeting

  • Kurt Thorn, UCSF: “Gaussian fitting to model fluorescent foci in yeast for quantification and tracking.”

April 2011 - Microscopy Users Meeting- Our first one!

  • Nico Stuurman, Vale lab: “Measuring the distance between two single molecules within a range of 1-100nm.”
  • David Staudt, Stanier lab: “Imaging Individual Cardiomyocytes within Beating Hearts ”
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