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2012 QB3/UCSF Course in Biological Light Microscopy

This page is a repository for information about the microscopy course being put together by QB3 / UCSF / Technical Instruments / Nikon.

Course Dates and structure

Start Sunday March 25th 2012 with an introductory dinner. Coursework to start Monday the 26th and run through Saturday the 31st. Class hours are not fully decided but would probably start around 9am and run until after dinner (9-11pm). One or two meals could be taken as a social outing, possibly renting a boat or going out to a restaurant, to provide some down time and chance for social interaction outside of the lab.

Lodging and Meals

To save money, the course will provide lodging in the Burlingame area coupled with a shuttle bus to bring students to UCSF in the morning and back to the hotel at night. Students will have the option of using this lodging or providing their own, in which case they need to make transportation arrangements. Students could also be given the option of single vs. double accommodations to further reduce lodging costs, and local students will not need accommodation. The hotel will also provide breakfast for students. Lunch and dinner will be at UCSF.

Course size, student breakdown

With eight workstations available to us in addition to the 5 microscopes in the NIC, we think a class size of 24 students is reasonable to target. Within this, we'd like to attract maybe 1/3 locally, 1/3 from industry, and 1/3 from elsewhere in the US/world. Students will be selected by an application process, and some funds we be available for scholarships.

Rooms, logistics

Former library space is being renovated and will be used as the lab. Currently the renovation does not include funds for furniture, so we may need to scrounge tables and chairs from classrooms. Some form of blackout curtains over the window needs to be installed as well. I will ask Grae about getting biochemistry to designate this course as a special topics class by Biochemistry and Biophysics to help with room scheduling.

Running a lecture series in parallel with the course was discussed. The idea is that we would have a one hour lecture each day by someone doing cutting edge research on or with microscopy, and these lectures would be open to the public.


Bo and Kurt are co-directing. We will work on putting together a syllabus and identifying other faculty to teach and speak at the public lectures. Technical Instruments, Nikon, and the other companies providing equipment will provide industry faculty, who will handle a lot of the hands-on teaching. We will also plan on recruiting a few UCSF students/postdocs as TAs.

There will be five scientific speakers as part of 'microscopy week' - one scientific lecture Monday - Friday. So far, we have:

  • Orion Weiner, UCSF
  • Max Krummel, UCSF (probably)
  • Lihong Wang, Washington University St. Louis
  • John McLaughlin, Rigel Therapeutics
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