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Dyes for 405 nm Excitation

This is a summary of information I collected in 2007 for dyes that could be used with 405 nm laser excitation.

Molecular Probes has some nice options that fill this niche (for a general overview see the Handbook):

Dye Excitation Emission
Alexa Fluor 405 402nm 421nm
Pacific Blue 410nm 455nm
Pacific Orange 405nm 551nm
Cascade Yellow 410nm 550nm

The Alexa 405 and Pacific Blue dyes should work well with the existing blue channel on our confocals; with the Pacific Orange and Cascade Yellow dyes it may be possible to use the 405nm laser excitation with green detection enabling multiplexing.

All of these are available as antibody conjugates except Cascade Yellow. For a table of available antibody conjugates, see

Atto 425 outperforms Pacific Blue and Alexa 405 as phalloidin conjugates under 405 nm excitation (Eric Griffis, U. Dundee, on Confocal listserv).

CF405S, from Biotium, has a similar spectrum to Alexa 405, and is available as additional conjugates, and so may also be a good option for some experiments. Their CF405M is a Pacific Blue substitute.

Dylight 405 is another Alexa 405 substitute.

Brilliant violet is a new dye in this spectral region that claims to be much brighter.

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