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AZ100 Light Sheet System

Notes on Usage

  • Don't use zooms less than 2x unless absolutely necessary. There are substantial aberrations at the edges of field of view at low zooms.
  • Below 3x zoom, set the CameraCrop parameter to 2048 x 2048 - this eliminates aberrations present at the edges of the field of view at these lower magnifications.
  • With the 5x objective, you may need to adjust the AZ100 Z position in steps as small as 2 um to get an accurate focus.

Emission Wheel

  • Position 0: Open
  • Position 1: ET455/50m
  • Position 2: ET535/36m
  • Position 3: ET605/52m
  • Position 4: ET705/72m
  • Position 5: Open
  • Position 6: Closed
  • Position 7: Closed
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