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AZ100 Light Sheet System

Notes on Usage

  • Make sure your sample is centered in the cuvette. Imaging close to the edges of the cuvette often induces aberrations that result in poor image quality.
  • In general, the 5mm slit provides the best balance of light sheet width and taper. The smaller slits result in thicker light sheets with little benefit, unless you are using the 1x objective with a low zoom.
  • Don't use zooms less than 2x unless absolutely necessary. There are substantial aberrations at the edges of field of view at low zooms.
  • At 3x zoom and below, set the CameraCrop parameter to 2048 x 2048 - this eliminates aberrations present at the edges of the field of view at these lower magnifications.
  • With the 5x objective, you may need to adjust the AZ100 Z position in steps as small as 2 um to get an accurate focus.

Emission Wheel

  • Position 0: Open
  • Position 1: ET455/50m
  • Position 2: ET535/36m
  • Position 3: ET605/52m
  • Position 4: ET705/72m
  • Position 5: Open
  • Position 6: Closed
  • Position 7: Closed
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