Paper Roundup – February 2017

This will be my last paper roundup, and might be a bit shorter than usual as I begin to step away from UCSF.

  • A dye with 1050 nm emission for IR imaging [1]
  • STED with background depletion for clearer images [2]
  • An online tool for visualization of volumetric data [3]
  • A scattering compensation scheme for two photon microscopy [4]
  • Phasor analysis for spectral unmixing [5]
  • Cryogenic optical localization with Angstrom resolution [6]
  • Automated neurite segmentation algorithm [7]
  • Measuring complex stoichiometry with FRET [8]
  • Single-molecule FRET to constrain protein structures [9]


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Paper Roundup – January 2017

  • Incorporating Cy dyes into proteins by nonsense supression [1]
  • An approach for extracting 3D information from 2D localization data [2]
  • Quantitative optimization of staining of fixed and cleared spheroids [3]
  • Large field-of-view imaging by imaging samples mounted on a rotating disk [4]
  • mNeonGreen is 3-5x brighter than GFP in C. elegans [5]
  • A ‘turn-on’ probe for RNA imaging by recruiting an unstable aptamer to the RNA to be monitored [6]
  • A protocol for automated imaging of bacterial collections on agar pads [7]
  • A review of single molecule imaging in biology [8]
  • A review of machine learning for biological imaging [9]
  • A blind SIM reconstruction algorithm [10]
  • A microfabricated mirror system for light sheet imaging [11]


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Paper Roundup – December 2016

  • A software tool for cell segmentation, tracking, and lineage tracing from phase contrast images [1]
  • A turn-on fluorescence probe for specifc RNAs [2]
  • Using a bacterial pore-forming toxin to get cell-impermeant molecules and fluorophores into mammalian cells [3]
  • Optical techniques for membrane voltage measurement in freely moving mice [4]
  • A nice review of super-resolution microscopy as applied to biology [5]
  • A discussion of the future of computational image analysis [6]
  • Interferometeric imaging for nm precision imaging of single molecules in vivo [7]
  • A 3D random access scanning microscope using an acousto-optic lens system [8]
  • Photoactivatible versions of the Janelia Fluor dyes [9]
  • An aberration-corrected doublet metalens [10]
  • Imaging of RNAs throughout a cleared Drosophila brain [11]
  • Nanometer precision localization of single molecules with minimal photon fluxes [12]
  • A new far-red emitting (598 nm ex / 671 nm em) fluorescent protein [13]


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Paper Roundup – November 2016

  • A detailed investigation of ER structure by multiple super-resolution methods [1]
  • Using deep convolutional neural networks to segment cells automatically with high accuracy [2]
  • A light sheet microscope that automatically adjusts the illumination plane to correct for sample-induced distortion [3]
  • Tools for scanning angle interference microscopy (SAIM) acquisition and analysis [4]
  • Super-resolution mapping of fluorophore orientation [5]
  • Isotropic point spread functions for fast cellular resolution 2-photon imaging [6]
  • CyRFP1, a long Stokes shift fluorescent protein co-excited with GFP but with separable emission [7]
  • mMaroon1, a new far-red fluorescent protein, and a four-color Fucci cell cycle sensor [8]
  • Multi-color electron microscopy [9]
  • A detailed review of fluorescent proteins [10]
  • A nice discussion of challenges in live cell time lapse imaging [11]
  • Ni2+ as a triplet state quencher for improved light output from Cy3 and Cy5 [12]
  • A python tool for image analysis [13]
  • Optimal reconstruction of 2D-SIM data [14]
  • A new bright monomeric red fluorescent protein, mScarlet [15]
  • A review of fluorescent tagging methods [16]
  • Adaptive SIM microscopy to reduce bleaching [17]
  • Tools for cluster analysis of single molecule localization microscopy methods [18]
  • A super-resolution microscope based on incoherent holography [19]


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Paper Roundup – October 2016

  • A super-resolution reconstruction method applicable to both single-molecule data as well as denser data [1]
  • Multi-modal, multi-photon imaging for stain free histology [2]
  • uDISCO, an improved solvent-based clearing method compatible with fluorescent proteins [3]
  • Orientation measurement of single molecules in vivo [4]
  • Background estimation for single molecule microscopy [5]
  • A review of clearing methods and their methods of action [6]
  • A software tool for analyzing single molecule microscopy data [7]
  • Highly multiplexed STORM imaging using fluorescent nanodiamond fiducials and multiple rounds of antibody binding and elution [8]
  • A single-shot autofocusing method [9]
  • Assessing fluorescent protein aggregation by fusion to polyglutamine repeats [10]
  • Widefield epi-illumination for STORM using a custom illumination path to ensure uniform illumination [11]


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Paper Roundup – September 2016

  • Using micro-mirrors to get orthogonal views of a sample [1]
  • Using a 3D printer stage as a microscope stage [2]
  • Imaging a single atom (includes an interesting discussion of fitting intensity PSFs to Zernike polynomials) [3]
  • Using PSF engineering to generate wavelength-variant PSFs for simultaneous multicolor single particle tracking [4]
  • Localization microscopy of DNA using intrinsic fluorescence [5]
  • An oxidized cysteine increases the photostability of mKate2 and mPlum [6]
  • Cell painting, a multiplexed high-content screening staining protocol [7]
  • Single-cell gene expression by high-throughput barcoded FISH [8]
  • Skylan-NS, a protein optimized for nonlinear-SIM [9]
  • πSPIM – excitation through the objective and detection with a water dipping objective [10]
  • Imaging densely packed molecules at high resolution with DNA-PAINT [11]
  • Combining multiplane illumination and multiplane detection [12]
  • Comparing Gaussian and Airy beam light sheet microscopy [13]
  • The Mesolens, an objective providing an NA of 0.5 over a 6 mm field of view [14]
  • A variant of expansion microscopy for repeated rounds of antibody staining and destaining [15]
  • Structured Illumination Microscopy with adaptive illumination to reduce photobleaching [16]


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Paper Roundup – August 2016

  • A new far-red fluorescent protein that uses biliverdin as a chromophore and is brighter than existing far red FPs [1]
  • A review of quantum dot blinking and how to control it [2]
  • Photoactivatible versions of the Janelia Farms (JF) dyes for single molecule imaging [3]
  • Comparison of different clearing methods for mouse embryos and hearts [4]
  • A malachite green fluorogen-activating protein that outperforms Cy5 for single molecule imaging [5]
  • A general model for counting molecules in single-molecule microscopy [6]
  • Stimulated Raman scattering imaging of bioorthogonal probes [7]
  • Multiview image capture and fusion for resolution improvement in widefield and light sheet microscopy [8]
  • Combining photoswitching and analytical ultracentrifugation to interrogate complex binding equilibria [9]
  • A simplified CLARITY clearing method, eliminating the need for removal of oxygen prior to polymerization [10]
  • A custom two-photon microscope for wide field-of-view imaging [11]
  • Pulsed illumination reduces phototoxicity and photobleaching [12]
  • Identifying clusters in localization microscopy images by varying labeling density [13]
  • Reversible cryo-arrest of cells by chilling to -45°C on a microscope [14]
  • Correlation between hybridizations to measure transcript number by imaging [15]
  • Using a speckle scrambler to improve illumination uniformity in TIRF and localization microscopy [16]
  • Monomeric near-infrared fluorescent proteins [17]


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Paper Roundup – July 2016

  • A review of Raman imaging [1]
  • DNA-PAINT imaging of DNA origami with nanometer resolution [2]
  • A self-assembling icosahedron that can be used as a fluorescence standard in microscopy [3]
  • A split horseradish peroxidase for labelling of protein interactions [4]
  • A 4Pi single molecule switching microscope, with isotropic 20 nm resolution imaging [5]
  • A comparison of fluorescent protein performance in C. elegans [6]
  • Expansion microscopy with RNA FISH [7] and with conventional fluorescent proteins and antibodies [8]
  • A custom system for calcium imaging of freely walking flies [9]
  • Cell tracking software tools [10]
  • An in-incubator Fourier ptychography system for rapid imaging of 6-well plate [11]


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Paper Roundup – June 2016

  • Quantitative comparison of fluorescent proteins. A great resource with measurements of photobleaching, brightness, and monomericness for a large number of fluorescent proteins [1]
  • Metalenses for focusing visible light with an NA of 0.8 [2]
  • A cyan-excitable orange-emitting fluorescent protein [3]
  • A mutant of UnaG that is nonfluorescent and destabilizing in the absence of ligand, and fluorescent and stable in the presence of ligand [4]
  • Spectral imaging for single particle tracking of motor proteins [5]
  • A fluorescent reporter for beta-galactosidase that can be used for cell and animal imaging [6]
  • All-optical electrophysiology [7]
  • A review of small molecule dyes for super-resolution imaging [8]
  • An improved protocol for expansion microscopy [9]
  • A review of clearing techniques [10]
  • A generative model for testing spatial distributions of puncta within the cell [11]
  • Mammalian protein tagging with CRISPR/Cas9 and split GFP for simple, scalable tagging of endogenous mammalian proteins [12]
  • Miniature light sheet generator modules [13]
  • An electrically-tunable lens to move the waist of a light sheet synchronously with the virtual detection slit on a sCMOS camera to make narrow light sheets over large areas [14]
  • A review of cyanine photobleaching mechanisms and their applications [15]


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Paper Roundup – May 2016

  • Labeling of multiple genomic loci in different colors with CRISPRainbow [1]
  • 3D localization super-resolution microscopy over 4 μm using an astigmatic multifocus microscope [2]
  • Contrast and resolution enhancement by using subtraction of an image acquired from a donut beam from one acquired with a gaussian beam [3]
  • A single objective light sheet system using a micro-fabricated 45º mirror [4]
  • A comparison of OCT and OPT for murine embryo imaging [5]
  • Real time imaging of translation [6]
  • A protocol for coverslip cleaning and functionalization for TIRF microscopy [7]
  • A review of single molecule imaging in live cells [8]
  • Making a Bessel light sheet with a slit and an annulus [9]
  • Hyperspectral imaging of quantum dots for multiple particle tracking [10]


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