So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

I start work at Zymergen tomorrow morning; UCSF had a nice send-off for me on Friday. My UCSF email doesn’t work anymore but I can still update this blog. There probably won’t be many more posts here; I intend to focus on my new job and I don’t think anyone at UCSF plans to post here. I do think that it will remain up for a while, but there are no guarantees of that.

This site is licensed under a Creative Commons-Attribution-Share Alike license, meaning that anyone can create a copy of it, provided that they attribute it to me and license their copy under similar rules. So if you want to make copies of part of the site, feel free to do so. If you want the whole thing, let me know and I can send you a wordpress dump. is also licensed under very permissive rules, so you are also welcome to make copies of that (although that should not go anywhere – it’s hosted on github and I own the domain name). I’m also happy to re-license the content of either site if there is a good reason to – just let me know.

With regards to, I’d like to keep that up to date, and am willing to put in some effort to do so. If you have changes to suggest, the best way to do so is to submit pull requests to the github source, but you are also welcome to send me (p)reprints of papers describing new fluorescent proteins and I will add them to the website.

I do hope to put up one or two more posts – I have a few more things to say about the AZ100 light sheet scope we built and I have some thoughts on the evolution of core facilities over the last decade I’d like to write up, but no promises.

Finally, keep in touch – I’m on twitter as @ScopeKurt, and you can email me at kurt dot thorn at gmail dot com.