Building a Microscope from Thorlabs Parts

I meant to document this better, but now it doesn’t look like I’ll have time to do so. This is a scope I assembled from Thorlabs parts for a research project involving tracking bead movement by laser deflection. We ended up using a different assembly eventually, but I thought I would put up the parts list here in case it’s useful to anyone.

thorlabs scope


RolePartPart NumberVendor$#Total $
Basic Optics
ObjectiveNikon Plan Fluor 10x / 0.3N10X-PFThorlabs7851785
Objective mountCage plate Z driveSM1ZThorlabs176.81176.8
Nikon Tube LensNikon tube lens58-520Edmund Optics2501250
Tube lens mountM38 to SM2 adapterSM2A20Thorlabs45145
Tube lens to SM1SM1 external, SM2 internalSM1A2Thorlabs24248
Brightfield Illuminator
Brightfield LEDLED driverLEDD1BThorlabs2841284
Brightfield LEDFocusing mountSM1V05Thorlabs29.6129.6
Brightfield LEDSpacer for thorlabs LEDsSM1L03Thorlabs12.16112.16
Brightfield LEDSM1 male-to-male couplerSM1T2Thorlabs19.5119.5
Brightfield LEDAspheric collimatorACL2520AThorlabs25.6125.6
Brightfield LEDGreen LEDM530L2Thorlabs2601260
LED field lens75 mm PCX, mountedLA1608-MLThorlabs31.63131.63
LED and iris mounts30 mm Cage plate w SM1 threadsCP02Thorlabs16232
Field IrisSM1 ring irisSM1D12DThorlabs60160
Dichroic / Turning Mirror
Dichroic MountCubeC6WThorlabs61.2161.2
Dichroic MountDichroic MountFFM1Thorlabs56.1156.1
Dichroic MountCube adapterB3CThorlabs23.2123.2
CondenserNikon Plan Fluor 10x / 0.3N10X-PFThorlabs7851785
Objective to SM1 adapterM25x0.75 to SM1SM1A12Thorlabs19.75119.75
Condenser translator6mm Travel XY translatorST1XY-SThorlabs344.61344.6
Condenser to dichroic mount1" rodsER1-P4Thorlabs20.55120.55
Dichroic to LED arm6" long pk/4ER6-P4Thorlabs33.44133.44
C-mount adapterC-mount to SM1SM1A9Thorlabs19.75119.75
To cage plateMale-to-male SM1SM1T2Thorlabs19.5119.5
CameraUSB CMOS cameraDCC1545MThorlabs3451345
Camera mount1" long SM1 tubeSM1L10Thorlabs14.25114.25
Dichroic Cube
Dichroic cubeCubeC6WThorlabs61.2161.2
Dichroic cubeDichroic MountFFM1Thorlabs56.1156.1
Dichroic cubeCube adapterB3CThorlabs23.2123.2
Excitation cage8" long pk/4 cage plate rodsER8-P4Thorlabs33.44133.44
Dichroic to beam turning cube0.5" RodsER05-P4Thorlabs19.75119.75
Camera Cage
Cage Plate30mm cage plateCP02Thorlabs16116
Cage plate rods4" long pk/4ER4-P4Thorlabs28.5128.5
Lens tube2" lens tube (could be 1")SM1L20Thorlabs16.5116.5
XT95 Rail750 mm longXT95-750Thorlabs1801180
Table mountXT95 base plateXT95P3Thorlabs48148
Rail to postRail plate, 1/4-20 holesXT95P12Thorlabs414164
Post3" PostTR3Thorlabs5.42421.68
Post to cage30 mm cage adapterCP02BThorlabs148112
Posts for camera cage1" dia 0.5" tallRS05P8EThorlabs18.9237.8
Posts for epi cage1" dia 2" tallRS2P8EThorlabs23.5247
Clamping forks for aboveCF175Thorlabs9.9439.6