Paper Roundup – January 2017

  • Incorporating Cy dyes into proteins by nonsense supression [1]
  • An approach for extracting 3D information from 2D localization data [2]
  • Quantitative optimization of staining of fixed and cleared spheroids [3]
  • Large field-of-view imaging by imaging samples mounted on a rotating disk [4]
  • mNeonGreen is 3-5x brighter than GFP in C. elegans [5]
  • A ‘turn-on’ probe for RNA imaging by recruiting an unstable aptamer to the RNA to be monitored [6]
  • A protocol for automated imaging of bacterial collections on agar pads [7]
  • A review of single molecule imaging in biology [8]
  • A review of machine learning for biological imaging [9]
  • A blind SIM reconstruction algorithm [10]
  • A microfabricated mirror system for light sheet imaging [11]


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