Preprint: Review of Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Tags

I was recently asked to write a brief Technical Perspective on fluorescent tags for Molecular Biology of the Cell. These are meant to be introductions to a topic for novices in the field; I previously wrote one on light microscopy.

I’ve posted a preprint of the fluorescent tag review here; please send me any comments and I will incorporate them into the final version. I would have posted the preprint on BioRxiv, but it seems that they don’t host reviews.

2 thoughts on “Preprint: Review of Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Tags

  1. It’s true that they don’t host reviews. Although preprints like this one are in a grey area – kind of a meta analysis and new synthesis of existing info. I would encourage you to post it there. I appreciate your blog has a wide readership, but you’ll reach more people, get a DOI etc at bioRxiv.

  2. Since the target group is beginner, it would be great if the figure legend would explain pKa in a bit more detail.
    I am still looking for an FP review with mono- and bi exponential lifetime fits indicated for the proteins in focus))
    Thank you for your work!

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