Paper Roundup – November 2016

  • A detailed investigation of ER structure by multiple super-resolution methods [1]
  • Using deep convolutional neural networks to segment cells automatically with high accuracy [2]
  • A light sheet microscope that automatically adjusts the illumination plane to correct for sample-induced distortion [3]
  • Tools for scanning angle interference microscopy (SAIM) acquisition and analysis [4]
  • Super-resolution mapping of fluorophore orientation [5]
  • Isotropic point spread functions for fast cellular resolution 2-photon imaging [6]
  • CyRFP1, a long Stokes shift fluorescent protein co-excited with GFP but with separable emission [7]
  • mMaroon1, a new far-red fluorescent protein, and a four-color Fucci cell cycle sensor [8]
  • Multi-color electron microscopy [9]
  • A detailed review of fluorescent proteins [10]
  • A nice discussion of challenges in live cell time lapse imaging [11]
  • Ni2+ as a triplet state quencher for improved light output from Cy3 and Cy5 [12]
  • A python tool for image analysis [13]
  • Optimal reconstruction of 2D-SIM data [14]
  • A new bright monomeric red fluorescent protein, mScarlet [15]
  • A review of fluorescent tagging methods [16]
  • Adaptive SIM microscopy to reduce bleaching [17]
  • Tools for cluster analysis of single molecule localization microscopy methods [18]
  • A super-resolution microscope based on incoherent holography [19]


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