Paper Roundup – October 2016

  • A super-resolution reconstruction method applicable to both single-molecule data as well as denser data [1]
  • Multi-modal, multi-photon imaging for stain free histology [2]
  • uDISCO, an improved solvent-based clearing method compatible with fluorescent proteins [3]
  • Orientation measurement of single molecules in vivo [4]
  • Background estimation for single molecule microscopy [5]
  • A review of clearing methods and their methods of action [6]
  • A software tool for analyzing single molecule microscopy data [7]
  • Highly multiplexed STORM imaging using fluorescent nanodiamond fiducials and multiple rounds of antibody binding and elution [8]
  • A single-shot autofocusing method [9]
  • Assessing fluorescent protein aggregation by fusion to polyglutamine repeats [10]
  • Widefield epi-illumination for STORM using a custom illumination path to ensure uniform illumination [11]


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