Paper Roundup – September 2016

  • Using micro-mirrors to get orthogonal views of a sample [1]
  • Using a 3D printer stage as a microscope stage [2]
  • Imaging a single atom (includes an interesting discussion of fitting intensity PSFs to Zernike polynomials) [3]
  • Using PSF engineering to generate wavelength-variant PSFs for simultaneous multicolor single particle tracking [4]
  • Localization microscopy of DNA using intrinsic fluorescence [5]
  • An oxidized cysteine increases the photostability of mKate2 and mPlum [6]
  • Cell painting, a multiplexed high-content screening staining protocol [7]
  • Single-cell gene expression by high-throughput barcoded FISH [8]
  • Skylan-NS, a protein optimized for nonlinear-SIM [9]
  • πSPIM – excitation through the objective and detection with a water dipping objective [10]
  • Imaging densely packed molecules at high resolution with DNA-PAINT [11]
  • Combining multiplane illumination and multiplane detection [12]
  • Comparing Gaussian and Airy beam light sheet microscopy [13]
  • The Mesolens, an objective providing an NA of 0.5 over a 6 mm field of view [14]
  • A variant of expansion microscopy for repeated rounds of antibody staining and destaining [15]
  • Structured Illumination Microscopy with adaptive illumination to reduce photobleaching [16]


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