Paper Roundup – August 2016

  • A new far-red fluorescent protein that uses biliverdin as a chromophore and is brighter than existing far red FPs [1]
  • A review of quantum dot blinking and how to control it [2]
  • Photoactivatible versions of the Janelia Farms (JF) dyes for single molecule imaging [3]
  • Comparison of different clearing methods for mouse embryos and hearts [4]
  • A malachite green fluorogen-activating protein that outperforms Cy5 for single molecule imaging [5]
  • A general model for counting molecules in single-molecule microscopy [6]
  • Stimulated Raman scattering imaging of bioorthogonal probes [7]
  • Multiview image capture and fusion for resolution improvement in widefield and light sheet microscopy [8]
  • Combining photoswitching and analytical ultracentrifugation to interrogate complex binding equilibria [9]
  • A simplified CLARITY clearing method, eliminating the need for removal of oxygen prior to polymerization [10]
  • A custom two-photon microscope for wide field-of-view imaging [11]
  • Pulsed illumination reduces phototoxicity and photobleaching [12]
  • Identifying clusters in localization microscopy images by varying labeling density [13]
  • Reversible cryo-arrest of cells by chilling to -45°C on a microscope [14]
  • Correlation between hybridizations to measure transcript number by imaging [15]
  • Using a speckle scrambler to improve illumination uniformity in TIRF and localization microscopy [16]
  • Monomeric near-infrared fluorescent proteins [17]


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