Paper Roundup – July 2016

  • A review of Raman imaging [1]
  • DNA-PAINT imaging of DNA origami with nanometer resolution [2]
  • A self-assembling icosahedron that can be used as a fluorescence standard in microscopy [3]
  • A split horseradish peroxidase for labelling of protein interactions [4]
  • A 4Pi single molecule switching microscope, with isotropic 20 nm resolution imaging [5]
  • A comparison of fluorescent protein performance in C. elegans [6]
  • Expansion microscopy with RNA FISH [7] and with conventional fluorescent proteins and antibodies [8]
  • A custom system for calcium imaging of freely walking flies [9]
  • Cell tracking software tools [10]
  • An in-incubator Fourier ptychography system for rapid imaging of 6-well plate [11]


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