Paper Roundup – June 2016

  • Quantitative comparison of fluorescent proteins. A great resource with measurements of photobleaching, brightness, and monomericness for a large number of fluorescent proteins [1]
  • Metalenses for focusing visible light with an NA of 0.8 [2]
  • A cyan-excitable orange-emitting fluorescent protein [3]
  • A mutant of UnaG that is nonfluorescent and destabilizing in the absence of ligand, and fluorescent and stable in the presence of ligand [4]
  • Spectral imaging for single particle tracking of motor proteins [5]
  • A fluorescent reporter for beta-galactosidase that can be used for cell and animal imaging [6]
  • All-optical electrophysiology [7]
  • A review of small molecule dyes for super-resolution imaging [8]
  • An improved protocol for expansion microscopy [9]
  • A review of clearing techniques [10]
  • A generative model for testing spatial distributions of puncta within the cell [11]
  • Mammalian protein tagging with CRISPR/Cas9 and split GFP for simple, scalable tagging of endogenous mammalian proteins [12]
  • Miniature light sheet generator modules [13]
  • An electrically-tunable lens to move the waist of a light sheet synchronously with the virtual detection slit on a sCMOS camera to make narrow light sheets over large areas [14]
  • A review of cyanine photobleaching mechanisms and their applications [15]


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