95% QE, Back-illuminated sCMOS camera

Photometrics has just announced a new sCMOS camera, the Prime 95B, featuring a back-side illuminated sCMOS sensor with 95% peak QE and over 90% QE from about 500 – 650 nm. It’s using a version of this 4 MP sensor from Gpixel. It’s a 1200 x 1200 pixel sensor, with 11 μm pixels and 1.3 e read noise, so it should be substantially more sensitive than a conventional sCMOS camera, and close in performance to an EMCCD camera.

If it performs as well as the specs indicate, this should be a real game changer for cameras, and could displace EMCCDs from all but the lowest light applications. Tucsen had previously released a back-side illuminated sCMOS camera based on the Gpixel sensor, but earlier versions used a sensor with peak QE at ~420 nm (it now uses the version with peak QE in the visible), and distribution in the US has been a bit of a mystery (I was not able to get one to demo, although I didn’t try that hard).

I hope to get a chance to test out the Prime 95B soon and will definitely report results from it here once I have a chance to try it out.