Paper Roundup – May 2016

  • Labeling of multiple genomic loci in different colors with CRISPRainbow [1]
  • 3D localization super-resolution microscopy over 4 μm using an astigmatic multifocus microscope [2]
  • Contrast and resolution enhancement by using subtraction of an image acquired from a donut beam from one acquired with a gaussian beam [3]
  • A single objective light sheet system using a micro-fabricated 45º mirror [4]
  • A comparison of OCT and OPT for murine embryo imaging [5]
  • Real time imaging of translation [6]
  • A protocol for coverslip cleaning and functionalization for TIRF microscopy [7]
  • A review of single molecule imaging in live cells [8]
  • Making a Bessel light sheet with a slit and an annulus [9]
  • Hyperspectral imaging of quantum dots for multiple particle tracking [10]


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Paper Roundup: April 2016

  • Axial super-resolution using multi-angle TIRF and photobleaching [1]
  • A tool for simulating localization microscopy data [2]
  • Lattice Light Sheet plus PAINT for 3D localization microscopy of large volumes [3]
  • Monomeric streptavidin combined with enzymatic biotinylation as a labeling probe [4]
  • Massively parallel single-molecule FRET measurements with sCMOS cameras [5]
  • A microfluidic light sheet microscope [6]


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