Paper Roundup: March 2016

  • Coupled robotics, imaging, and machine learning to automatically determine effects of compounds on protein localization [1]
  • Combining lattice light sheet microscopy and PAINT staining to achieve 3D super-resolution localization microscopy over large volumes [2]
  • A scanning Bessel beam light sheet scope for imaging of 3D cell behavior [3]
  • Building an interferometric scattering microscope [4]
  • A detailed analysis of the Beer-Lambert law and absorption spectroscopy [5]
  • An optofluidic gradient refractive index lens [6]
  • Combined spectral and lifetime imaging for imaging many cellular labels at once [7]
  • A nice review of clearing methods [8]
  • A 3D visualization tool for light sheet data [9]
  • Monomeric streptavidin as a probe for super-resolution imaging of biotinylated proteins [10]
  • Use of phase masks at the pupil plane to make more uniform light sheets [11]
  • A light sheet microscope compatible with multiwell plates and other coverslip bottom chambers [12]
  • Combining light sheet microscopy with RESOLFT to improve the Z-resolution of light sheet microscopy [13]
  • Using split GFP as a protein tagging system [14]
  • Tiling light sheet to optimize both field of view and spatial resolution [15]
  • Improved refractive index matching for sample clearing [16]
  • An open source structured illumination (SIM) reconstruction program [17]
  • A post hoc algorithm for estimating shading corrections [18]
  • Reprogramming CRISPR-Cas9 for fluorescent labeling of RNA [19]
  • Diagonal scanning light sheet microscopy for high resolution imaging of adherent cells [20]


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