Paper Roundup: January 2016

  • Microscopy Image Browser: a new open source tool for image analysis and visualization, written in Matlab [1]
  • A microscopy system for imaging neuronal activity in freely moving C. elegans [2]
  • A fluorescent protein tag that features rapid reversible binding of the chromophore [3]
  • Protocols for STORM imaging in tissue sections [4]
  • Fluorescent proteins for three and four color imaging in yeast [5]
  • Selecting protein markers for optimal phenotypic screening of drugs [6]
  • A set of refined protocols for CLARITY clearing, refractive index matching, and antibody penetration called ACT-PRESTO [7]
  • Simple chemical methods for making dye-photostabilizer conjugates resulting in dyes with reduced photobleaching rates [8]
  • Proximal cyclooctatetraene is a general dye photostabilizer [9]
  • Combining Fourier ptychography, pupil function estimation, and deconvolution [10]
  • Using a spherically aberrated point spread function to improve imaging depth in light-sheet microscopy [11]
  • Fluorescent speckle microscopy by speckled photoswitching [12]
  • Whole brain two-photon imaging with clearing and integrated sectioning [13]
  • Combining STED and RESOLFT to improve contrast and photostability [14]
  • Measuring resolution in coherent microscopy (technical, but has a nice set of references for resolution limits in microscopy) [15]
  • Photoacoustic tomography with a reversibly photoswitchable probe to improve contrast [16]
  • Incorporating probes into live cells by squeezing them through a aperture [17]


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