Paper Roundup: November 2015

  • A method for making non-diffracting light sheets [1]
  • Optical cross-linking of an affinity tag to allow purification of structures identified and tagged under a microscope [2]
  • Quantitative phase microscopy with multi-color LED illumination and detection with a color camera [3]
  • Protocols for imaging fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy [4]
  • A blue-shifted near-IR fluorescent protein that looks like it has pretty good optical properties [5]
  • Two methods for cluster analysis from single-molecule localization data [6][7]
  • Scattered light reduction in light sheet microscopy using virtual slits [8]


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Media for cell imaging

I was recently contacted by a company that makes media designed to minimize phototoxicity to cells during fluorescence imaging.  For those of you who are having problems with cell death or damage during extended fluorescence imaging, it may be worth trying. It’s called LiveLight, from Cell Guidance Systems, and they make a couple different formulations. This joins similar products from Evrogen and ThermoFisher (which may only reduce background, but we’ve had good luck with it). I haven’t tried the LiveLight media, so I would interested in hearing from anyone who has.