Paper Roundup – August 2015

  • An opinion piece on what the microscope of the future should look like [1]
  • A simple low-cost microscope built from a webcam [2]
  • Using an array of cameras to build a light field microscope [3]
  • A comparison of software tools for single molecule localization microscopy reconstruction [4]
  • Using protein fragments with transient binding for super-resolution imaging [5]
  • High speed axial scanning in two photon microscopy using an ultrasound lens [6]
  • Low cost modification of a manual microscope for slide scanning [7]
  • Combining single molecule imaging and spectral detection for multiplexed detection of multiple different dyes in single molecule localization microscopy [8]
  • A multiview light sheet system for imaging the Drosophila CNS [9]
  • Improving the number of photons emitted from photoswitchable fluorescent proteins by imaging in D2O [10]
  • Light-sheet Raman imaging [11]
  • A paper on Fourier imaging with objective; interesting in part because it includes reverse-engineered optical specifications for many objectives and tube lenses [12]
  • Lasing of intracellular lipid particles or endocytosed microspheres [13]
  • Axial resolution in single molecule localization microscopy by separating super-critical angle fluorescence from under-critical angle fluorescence [14]
  • A review of guidestar methods for adaptive optics in tissue [15]
  • TIRF-SIM and nonlinear TIRF-SIM for super-resolution imaging of live cells [16]


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