Paper Roundup – May 2015

  • MorphoGraphX – an open source program for segmentation and analysis of 3D data [1]
  • This is an EM paper, but something I’ve always wanted to see: a method to tag proteins for visualization in EM with a metal binding protein [2]
  • A capillary-based sample holder that allows rotation of a sample through 360 degrees while being imaged [3]
  • Adaptive optics for spinning disk confocal microscopy [4]
  • Optimized fluorogen activating proteins for fluorescent labeling with malachite green ester [5]
  • Micro-mirrors for single objective light sheet imaging [6]
  • A review of open-source tools for neuroscience, much of which is focused on image processing [7]
  • Using an electrically tunable lens for rapidly moving the focal plane of a two-photon microscope [8]
  • A proximity ligation approach for visualizing newly synthesized proteins of interest [9]
  • A post hoc method for flat-fielding of microscopy data [10]
  • Multfocus microscopy for single molecule tracking of diffusing RNAs [11]
  • A ribityl-lumazine binding protein with a very long (13.6 ns) fluorescence lifetime for FRET and anisotropy measurements [12]
  • Riboswitches for fluorescence imaging of metabolites using the Spinach aptamer [13]
  • Optimizing imaging frame rate and laser power for localization microscopy of Alexa647 [14]
  • Electrophoretically driven antibody labeling of hydrogel-embedded tissues [15]
  • Intelligent acquisition software for Leica microscopes [16]
  • A review of novel fluorescent protein developments [17]


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