Paper Roundup – June 2015

  • Quantification of cell cycle state for tumor xenografts using in vivo imaging and computational image analysis [1]
  • Automated imaging and analysis of the yeast proteome [2]
  • A review of fluorogenic protein labeling [3]
  • Fluorescent proteins containing multiple copies of an epitope tag as bright immunofluorescence targets [4]
  • Using uptake of multiple dyes to map neuronal projections [5]
  • A review of correlative light and electron microscopy [6]
  • A review of novel fluorescent protein technologies [7]
  • A swept-focus light sheet microscope, using a cylindrical lens to generate a light sheet whose focus is swept through the sample [8]
  • A nice review of different commercial SIM implementations [9]
  • An open-top SPIM system for imaging samples in plates or in microfluidic devices [10]
  • A review of LOV-based reporters for fluorescence imaging [11]
  • A protocol for fixing yeast for single molecule localization microscopy [12]
  • A review of near-infrared fluorescent proteins [13]


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