Paper Roundup – April 2015

  • An implantable CMOS sensor for brain imaging [1]
  • Using the same dye multiple times for STORM imaging by bleaching and restaining [2]
  • Multiplexed single molecule FISH to follow many RNA species simultaneously [3]
  • A review of protein labeling methods for imaging [4]
  • An imageJ plugin for tracking cell migration and membrane protrusion [5]
  • An enzyme-catalyzed method to covalently label genetically tagged RNAs [6]
  • Fusion of imaging mass spectrometry and microscopy data [7]
  • A review and protocol for FRAP data acquisition and analysis [8]
  • Labeling proteins using an expanded genetic code [9]
  • A light sheet microscope with computer control of sheet thickness by using a telescope made up of electrically tunable lenses [10]
  • A protocol for labeling proteins using unnatural amino acid incorporation and click chemistry [11]
  • A line-scanning confocal using the pixel rows on an sCMOS camera as a virtual slit [12]
  • A system for doing high-throughput fluorescence correlation spectroscopy [13]
  • Multi-color luciferases bright enough for microscopy [14]


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