Paper Roundup – March 2015

  • A spinning-disk confocal based super-resolution system, giving a fast 2-fold improvement in resolution [1]
  • PALMsiever: a localization microscopy tool implementing a number of algorithms for drift correction, clustering, and rendering of localization microscopy data [2]
  • An image-based microfluidic screen for cell deformation [3]
  • Six-color imaging using narrow-band filter sets [4]
  • 3D particle tracking using phase-contrast holography [5]
  • A new super-resolution approach, analogous to STED, that uses a transiently activated quencher dye, whose absorption and quenching is light-dependent [6]
  • A protease reporter based on conversion of iFP from a non-fluorescent to a fluorescent state on protease cleavage [7]
  • Osmium tetroxide fixable mEos4 proteins for correlative super-resolution microscopy and EM [8]
  • A simple chemical modification of many common dyes dramatically improves their quantum yield [9]
  • Ratiometric biosensors by dimeric partner exchange [10]
  • A simplified CLARITY protocol for brain imaging [11]
  • Following translation of RNA by removal of a bound fluorescent protein by the translating ribosome [12]
  • Single molecule imaging of DNA-bound proteins by using energy transfer from a DNA intercalating dye to activate a fluorescent label on a protein bound to the DNA [13]
  • Multicolor CRISPR labeling of chromosomal loci [14]
  • Make your own gridded coverslips using electron beam deposition of metal [15]


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