Paper roundup – January 2015

  • A review of tools for visualizing mRNA localization [1]
  • There is a whole volume of Methods in Molecular Biology devoted to advanced microscopy techniques [2]
  • A lens-free ultra-wide field imaging approach for brightfield pathology imaging [3]
  • A microfluidic device for doing live cell imaging, followed by fixation and STORM labeling and imaging [4]
  • A holographic fiber-bundle illumination system for spatially patterned photoactivation in freely moving mice [5]
  • Performing parallel STED imaging in thousands of spots simultaneously for fast super-resolution imaging [6]
  • A nice review on biological applications of super-resolution microscopy, with an in depth look at pros and cons of the techniques and sample preparation and labeling methods[7]
  • An improved red fluorescent calcium indicator, R-CaMP2 [8]
  • Nature Methods has named light sheet microscopy as their method of the year and has several review articles discussing it [9].
  • A new computational approach to counting molecules in STORM / PALM super-resolution imaging [10]
  • Using stimulated Raman scattering to image protein synthesis and degradation in live mouse tissues [11]
  • Putting a cheap LCD at the back focal plane of the condenser lens of the microscope for programmable control over the illumination [12]
  • Nickel ions quench the triplet state of Cy3 efficiently and greatly reduce its photobleaching rate [13]
  • Expansion microscopy: expanding tissues to allow high resolution measurements with low resolution imaging [14]
  • Optimized protocols for fixing cell for STORM/PALM imaging [15]
  • Genetic targeting of small molecules using HaloTag [16] or SnapTag [17]
  • A good review on brain imaging in small animals [18]


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