Paper Roundup – November 2014

  • An optimized immunostaining and clearing method, iDISCO, for immunofluorescence imaging of large whole-mount samples [1]
  • Thiol-driven switching of mCherry for super-resolution imaging [2]
  • A review of various software tools for image analysis. It seems difficult to do justice to the full complexity of the available tools in a short article, but this may be a good starting point if you’re looking for an image analysis tool [3]
  • A spectral imaging approach to FRET analysis [3]
  • Tomographic imaging of infrared absorption in a plant cell [4]
  • Fluctuation spectroscopy applied to light sheet data for measuring molecular transport in cells [5]
  • A nice news and views summarizing the many clearing techniques currently available [6]
  • A set of protocols for advanced usage of the Micro-manager software [7]
  • Uniquely labeling cells by stochastic uptake of quantum dots [8]
  • A very wide field of view two-photon microscope [9]
  • Cell-penetrating peptides, fused to LifeAct and photoswitchable dyes, for live cell super-resolution imaging [10]
  • A red fluorescent protein pH indicator [11]


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