Paper Roundup – September 2014

  • A simple Airy beam light sheet microscope based on a tilted cylindrical lens. [1]
  • Simple illumination for phase contrast microscopy based on a ring of LEDs. [2]
  • A protocol for constructing a TIRF microscope that uses micromirrors placed under the objective for positioning the TIRF bea.m [3]
  • Use of small molecule dye binding tags (CLIP, SNAP, etc.) for rapid labeling (30 min) of whole mount Drosophila brains and mouse brain sections. [4]
  • An optimized Dronpa variant for two-color PALM imaging with PAmCherry1. [5]
  • A set of new red-shifted fluorescent proteins for detection under 633 nm excitation; however they are not that bright. [6]
  • An interesting paper studying the effect of weak dimerization between fluorescent proteins on the dynamic range of FRET probes [7]
  • A photoswitchable long Stokes shift protein. It is initially excited at 445 nm and emits at 621 nm; photoswitching converts it to a red form that is excited at 573 nm and emits at 621 nm. It is not very bright, but is sufficiently different from existing photoswitchable FPs that it may be of interest. [8]
  • A structure of the fluorescent RNA tag, Spinach, along with a smaller version, Baby Spinach [9]
  • Another paper on imaging in the IR with carbon nanotubes [10]
  • The Histochemical Society’s standards of practice for vaildating immunohistochemical data [11]


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