Paper Roundup – October 2014

  • PSFj is a new tool to automatically measure point spread functions and report the performance of your microscope across the field of view. It looks promising, although I would love a similar tool that not only measured PSF size but also could fit a set of Zernike polynomials to evaluate astigmatishm, spherical aberration, etc. [1]
  • FEBS Letters has a special issue on single molecule approaches, including in vivo single molecule imaging.
  • There is a nice introduction to fluorescence and confocal microscopy in CSH Protocols [2]
  • An improved method for wavefront correction in the two-photon microscope for correcting sample-induced aberrations in deep imaging [3]
  • Single molecule imaging in living cells using 24 repeats of a peptide sequence fused to the protein of interest that is then bound by a coexpressed scFv [4]
  • Combinations of fluorescent proteins for 2-photon imaging [5]
  • Generation of long light sheets by scanning the focus of a gaussian beam using a acoustically tunable lens [6]
  • An improved system for localization microscopy using both astigmatism and biplane imaging [7]
  • The Betzig group has put together another technical tour-de-force – a lattice light sheet microscope capable of high resolution 3D imaging over long periods of time [8]
  • Plans for an open-hardware two-photo system using Thorlabs parts for the optomechanics [9]
  • Computational evolution of a resorufin ligase to covalently attach resorufin to a small, 13-aa tag [10]
  • A protocol describing assembly and alignment of the diSPIM system [11]
  • A high speed 3D imaging system using remote focusing and structured illumination [12]
  • A brighter green fluorescent RNA aptamer that binds DHFBI, Broccoli [13]
  • Using a fluorogen-activating protein for single particle tracking where particle density can be titrated by controlling the level of the fluorogen [14]


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  1. Dear Kurt,

    It has been a great pleasure to read your blog. Here I’d like to add a paper we published about using similar tunable acoustic lens to generate a two-photon lightsheet microscope. We have reported our finding this June at CLEO (, and the full paper is out in Cell Research in September ( The method takes full advantage of thin sheet and deep penetration.



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