Postdoctoral positions in my lab

I recently got an R01 funded and so I am looking to hire two postdoctoral fellows to work on a project to develop novel bead-based biochemical assays. This project seeks to apply our recently developed technology for making spectrally encoded microspheres (see Gerver et al. Lab Chip 2012) as a substrate for developing novel assays for probing antibody reactivity in patient samples.
One postdoctoral fellow will head the assay development part of the project, and must have substantial experience in biology and or chemistry. Experience with peptide synthesis or antibody binding assays is a plus. The second postdoc will develop new microfluidic devices to automate these assays and must have substantial expertise in microfluidic device design and fabrication. For both positions, programming experience is desirable. Applicants must have a PhD or expect to receive their PhD by the end of the year.
This project is a close collaboration with Dr. Joseph DeRisi at UCSF and Dr. Polly Fordyce at Stanford University, and the individuals hired for these positions will work closely with both of these laboratories. In particular, the postdoc working on the microfluidic aspects of this project will be expect to spend part of his or her time at Stanford in the Fordyce lab.
To apply, please send your CV and names of three references to me: