Nice GCaMP movie

One of the labs we did in this year’s QB3/UCSF Microscopy course was to image cells transfected with a labeled β2-adrenergic receptor and with the calcium reporter GCaMP. Addition of a β2-receptor agonist triggers signaling, leading to calcium influx, reported by GCaMP, and receptor internalization, which can be seen as clustering of the labelled receptors.  This experiment generated some very pretty movies. I’m showing one here, a time lapse acquired on a Spectral Applied Research Diskovery system, operated in spinning disk confocal mode. The first movie is the full field of view, as captured on an Andor Zyla 4.2. The first movie shows the full 2k x 2k field of view, downsampled. The second movie show a full resolution crop from the movie.