Paper roundup – May 2014

  • A new SIM reconstruction algorithm that minimizes negative pixel values [1]
  • A microfluidic chemostat that traps cells in the fluid phase without contact with the device walls [2]
  • The forthcoming issue of Current Opinion in Chemical Biology is focused on imaging, including reviews on high speed biological imaging [3], quantitative super-resolution microscopy [4], and live cell reporters [5], as well as many others.
  • A description of a software system for automated mosaicing and and segmentation of large (250 GB) data sets, using the Farsight Toolkit [6]
  • Neuron labeling with fluorescent nanodiamonds [7]
  • A protocol for generating DNA origami structures for super-resolution calibration [8]
  • Building a simple light sheet microscope for imaging C. elegans [9]
  • A review of live imaging in Drosophila [10]
  • An improved infrared fluorescent protein, iFP2.0, and coexpression of heme oxygenase, give improved near-infrared imaging in neurons and in animals [11]
  • A simulator for partially coherent imaging [12]
  • Simultaneous 3D imaging of neuronal activity using light-field microscopy [13]
  • An exhortation for biologists doing fluorescence imaging to quantify the number of molecules they observe [14]
  • A review of methods for optical control of protein function [15]
  • A smartphone-based microscope using lensless imaging, with multiple illumination angles acquired by tilting the device by hand [16]
  • A new peptide-lipid conjugate, mCLING, that can be used for labeling cell membranes. It is fixable, and can be functionalized with many different dyes. [17]
  • A protein-complementation assay using an infrared fluorescent protein [18]
  • A simple flat-fielding approach for well by well correction in high throughput imaging [19]
  • Reflective confocal imaging of myelinated axons [20]
  • New photoactivatible proteins for super-resolution imaging with minimal aggregation [21]


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