Paper Roundup – June 2014

  • A method for recovering GFP fluorescence after resin embedding by treament with alkaline buffers [1]
  • A 3D-STORM analysis tool using compressed sensing [2]
  • A method for imaging single-copy splice variants of RNAs using plasmonic coupling of gold nanoparticles [3]
  • Improving the performance of multifocal multiphoton microscopy by reassignment of scattered photons [4]
  • A review of photoswitchable fluorescent proteins for super-resolution imaging [5]
  • 6nm resolution imaging of DNA origami using DNA-PAINT [6]
  • A temporal focusing, two-photon line microscope for rapid volumetric imaging, used to imaging neuronal activity in 3D neuronal cultures [7]
  • A review of plasmonic alternatives to FRET for determining the distance between particles at the 10 – 100 nm distance scale. [8]
  • Improved deconvolution performance using a spatially varying regularization term [9]
  • Organelle-specific calcium indicators in a variety of different colors [10]
  • A multiplexing scheme for improving the speed of Fourier Ptychographic miroscopy [11]
  • Lasing from the fluorescent protein Venus, suspended in droplets or in bacteria [12]
  • An optimized protocol for CLARITY clearing of tissues, including details of a CLARITY-optimized light sheet microscope [13]
  • A review of the uses of flatbed scanners in biomedical imaging [14]
  • Ribozymes that catalyze their own labeling with fluorescein iodoacetamide [15]
  • A comparison of probes for tracking acidic organelles [16]
  • A review of fluorescence cryo-microscopy [17]
  • The current issue of Nature Chemical Biology focuses on light, with reviews of fluorescent labeling strategies [18], photoswitchable fluorescent proteins [19], and single molecule tracking [20]
  • Measurements of Dendra2 photoconversion, blinking, and bleaching rates in cells [21]
  • A paper describing construction of a whole slide imaging microscope [22]
  • Two new fluorescent voltage sensor proteins [23], [24]
  • A light-field microscope for high speed neuronal imaging of C. elegans and zebrafish [25]
  • Correlated cryogenic PALM and cryo-electron microscope [26]


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