Lots of new fluorescent proteins at Addgene

Michael Davidson, at Florida State University, is contributing his entire collection of over 3000 fluorescent protein plasmids to Addgene. This is going to be a great resource for fluorescent imaging; currently there are 136 fluorescent protein vectors with no tags, and 139 fusions of different proteins to mEmerald alone.  Many more will be posted as they are curated.

Mike is one of the unsung heroes of fluorescent microscopy: in addition to maintaining the Molecular Expressions, MicroscopyU, Zeiss Campus, and a number of other websites, you will also see that he is an¬†author on many fluorescent protein publications. He’s made a career out of testing the performance of fluorescent proteins by fusing them to as many as 40 different mammalian proteins and testing their localization and behavior. It’s the plasmids from these tests (among others) that are being deposited at Addgene.

Take a look at the plasmids at Addgene, and if they’re useful to you, thank Mike for all the hard work his group has put in to bring us better fluorescent proteins.

One thought on “Lots of new fluorescent proteins at Addgene

  1. This is great news for the young researchers in saving their valuable time. I appreciate Michael Davidson for his dedication and hard work on this. Really hats of. He is very generous for deposing these plasmids at Addgene.

    Thank you Michael

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