2 thoughts on “Fast storage on a PCI card

  1. I am curious if you tried the relatively new Samsung Pro 950 SSDs. It does not have the 1Tb version (512GB max), but seems to offer sufficient write speed on Intel Z170 chipset motherboards to handle 100fps from sCMOS cameras. Alternatively, there is a new version of Samsung’s OEM product, SM961 1024GB drive with MLC V-NAND memory, with a theoretical write speed above 1.5GB/s.

    • Wow, those 950 Pro SSDs look nice! I haven’t kept up with SSD technology, since we built SSD raid arrays on our PCs that needed fast write speeds over the last few years. It actually turns out that relatively few of our users need to image full frame at 100 fps, so this is a bit of a specialty use case. We have a lot of people imaging full frame at slower frame rates, and a few imaging small ROIs at 400 – 800 fps, but not much that needs the full 1 GB/sec write speed.

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