Paper Roundup – April 2014

  • A new buffer system for stabilizing single molecule fluorescence and preventing blinking and bleaching using a redox system combined with a thiol. [1]
  • A paper characterizing small carbon dots as fluorescent reporters. Interestingly they can be excited at multiple different wavelengths, giving rise to different emission spectra. [2]
  • Bright upconverting nanoparticles for single molecule imaging. [3]
  • A review of environmentally sensitive small molecule dyes. [4]
  • A review of fluorescence fluctuation approaches, such as image correlation spectroscopy. [5]
  • A two photon version of multifocal SIM for super-resolution imaging in thick tissues. [6]
  • A review of and protocol for constructing a Bessel-beam light-sheet system. [7]
  • An advanced compressed sensing approach to reconstructing localization microscopy data [8]
  • A protocol for intensity calibration and flat-field correction for fluorescence microscopes [9]
  • A low-cost single color localization microscopy system using a single diode laser and an arc lamp for activation [10]
  • A new algorithm for structured illumination reconstruction at low light levels [11]
  • Optimized scan and tube lenses for confocal microscopes [12]
  • A DMD-based multi-angle TIRF illuminator [13]
  • A FRET sensor for abscisic acid in plants; the interesting thing about this paper is the systematic optimization of the FRET biosensor by testing multiple fluorescent proteins and linkers. [14]
  • A novel point-spread function engineering approach for isotropic 3D localization of single molecules over large thicknesses [15]
  • A very impressive adaptive optics confocal system from the Betzig group. It uses a two-photon excited guide star to correct the wavefront across large scan areas and enables diffraction limited one-photon confocal imaging to 200 μm deep. [16]
  • Stimulated Raman scattering imaging of alkyne-labeled molecules in live cells [17]
  • Rotating polarization excitation and polarization dependent stimulated depletion used to generate super-resolution images in widefield microscopy [18]
  • Single molecule imaging in C. elegans using near-TIRF imaging and GFP RNAi to reduce the expression level, combined with an analysis of replacement of photobleached GFPs to infer transport kinetics. [19]
  • A good review on labeling and imaging methods for whole-embryo imaging [20]
  • A new brain clearing procedure for imaging whole mouse brains [21]
  • Multiview deconvolution for fusing light sheet images taken from different direction [22]
  • A simple, lens-free, holographic imaging system for imaging cell migration over large fields of view [23]
  • A note about the (in)applicability of structured illumination to coherent imaging [24]
  • An Airy beam light sheet microscope [25]
  • ThunderSTORM, an ImageJ plugin for analysis and simulation of 2D/3D localization microscopy data (code and plugin here) [26]


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