Motorized Correction Collar

CorrCollar-1While organizing photos I can across this contraption that I built several years ago. It’s a 3D-printer servo motor mount for moving an objective correction collar under computer control. It’s mounted on a Nikon 40x / 1. 15 water immersion lens. It uses a hobbyist airplane servo which can be controlled by a Polulu servo driver board for which there is a Micro-Mananger driver. It worked fine but I didn’t develop a reliable way for calibrating the best collar setting as a function of Z before the user it was designed for decided that he got good enough results with a single collar position. If anyone is interested in it, I can find and post the 3D design files so you can print your own. [Edit: files available here].

3 thoughts on “Motorized Correction Collar

  1. Hi,
    great idea since changing the collar is always a hassle. Could you please post or send me the design files?

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