Paper Roundup – March 2014

  • An automated computational approach for recognizing cell phenotypes from images [1]. Nicely, they make their source code open source.
  • A spinning TIRF system with polarization control, so that constant illumination polarization is maintained at the sample while the beam rotates around the back aperture [2]
  • A pair of papers on identifying and removing the background scattered light in TIRF imaging which gives rise to non-TIRF background fluorescence. [3][4], and a commentary on it [5]
  • Lavis and Raines have a new review out on the chemistry of fluorophores, focusing on the synthesis and application of common fluorophore scaffolds. [6]
  • Calculations of expected FRET signals from non-interacting proteins in the membrane. Important for separating ‘bystander’ FRET from FRET due to true protein interaction. [7][8]
  • A head-to-head competition of particle-tracking algorithms: article [9] and commentary [10].
  • A detailed protocol for generating and testing monomeric fluorescent proteins. [11]
  • A low-cost, homebuilt motorized microscope stage [12]
  • mCardinal – an intrinisically fluorescent protein that is the brightest protein to date for imaging in the far-red (~Cy5) region. [13]
  • ChemPhysChem has an issue focused on super-resolution imaging, including articles on localization imaging using stochastic binding of dyes to fluorogen activating proteins [14], a review on combining single molecule super resolution imaging and light sheet microscopy [15], and a review of structured illumination microscopy [16]
  • An image-based assay using five fluorescent channels and six stains to extract seven cellular components. The paper includes detailed protocols and the CellProfiler pipelines used to analyze the data. [17]
  • Using fluorescent protein – TALE fusions to mark satellite sequences in Drosophila [18]
  • A low cost microscope built from Thorlabs parts for neuroscience imaging [19]
  • High-throughput PALM imaging of bacteria [20]


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