Paper Roundup – February 2014

  • A fluorescence method for measuring absolute membrane potential [1]
  • Protocols for single particle tracking using QDots, organic dyes, and gold nanoparticles [2]
  • Color calibration for microscopy, using the DataColor ChromaCal system [3]
  • A microscope that uses quantum entanglement to improve the signal to noise ratio for DIC microscopy. Not practical for biology yet, but an interesting proof-of-concept [4]
  • A nice paper describing an automated pipeline for quantifying cell number and type during growth of Arabidopsis hypocotyls [5]
  • A short article on motion compensation / drift correction in imaging applications [6]
  • A review on fixation protocols for a planarian for both histology and EM; while focused on a specific organism it is a nice discussion of how to optimize a fixation protocol [7]
  • A new genetically encoded calcium sensor based on aequorin and GFP [8]
  • An ImageJ based protocol for segmentation, colocalization, and shape analysis of subcellular objects [9]
  • A quantitative phase contrast microscopy method that allows measuring the phase shift introduced by a sample [10]. News and Views [11]
  • A review of the openSPIM and openSpinMicroscopy platforms [12]
  • A review of localization-based super-resolution with genetically encodable probes [13]
  • A review of single molecule localization precision and accuracy [14] and a review of localization algorithms [15]
  • Using transient binding of labeled DNA strands to generate super-resolution images via PAINT [16]


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