Matlab to Python conversion

As readers of this blog will have guessed, I’m a big fan of open solutions to problems, including open source software. Despite that, I’ve used Matlab for many years to develop data analysis code, but I’ve always felt a little bad about developing code that requires someone else to buy Matlab if they want to use it.

Today I was looking at Maria Kilfoil’s particle tracing micro-rheology code, and saw that they’ve reimplemented all their Matlab code in Python. The Python code looks auto-generated from the Matlab code, so I went looking, and indeed there are Matlab-to-Python converters. It doesn’t look like they will generate Python code that will automatically run and replace your Matlab code, but if like me, you’ve been looking to migrate from Matlab to Python, they may well come in handy.

5 thoughts on “Matlab to Python conversion

  1. Can you tell me what is the python code that will do the following in Matlab?

    k = 1:n;
    k = 1:2:n;

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