Fluorescence calibration slides

Since my previous post on flat-field correction, I’ve become aware of two commercial sources for slides with uniform fluorescent films deposited on them: Valley Scientific and Argolight. These are more expensive than the DIY solution but more convenient.  The Argolight slide also includes a number of very small features for measurement of resolution and distortion (this also makes it fairly expensive). I don’t have personal experience with either one, but they may come in handy.

I hope to have a report soon on the testing of all the flat-fielding dyes.  We need to do more testing, but we have promising initial results on using Acid Blue 9 to calibrate the Cy5 channel.

5 thoughts on “Fluorescence calibration slides

  1. It should be noted that the Valley Scientific one does not do far-red (specified in their sales sheet), and the Argolight also seems to be blue/green/red judging by the list of dyes (“compatible with DAPI, GFP, Texas Red etc.”). So I guess an Acid Blue 9 slide will be useful indeed!

    • Hi christophe,
      To be precise argolight’s slides can be excited from 350nm to 650 nm and emits a continum from the choosen excitation wavelength up to 800 nm.

  2. Hi kurt,
    This is Gautier papon the CEO of Argolight. If you wish to test our slide, just contact me (tweeter or via the website). We can easily arrange a free trial of the slide for a few weeks.


  3. Dear sir, I’m looking for Fluorescence calibration slides (in Red region) for cy5 and Texas Red.If you know any information about it please share.Thank you.

    • For Cy5, I would just use a solution of Acid Blue 9, as described here and in the links in that page. For Texas Red, probably Rose Bengal or Acid Fuschin will work well.

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