Paper Roundup – January 2014

  • An interesting method for image-based cell sorting where photopolymerization is used to trap unwanted cells, allowing the selected cells to be washed off and collected [1]
  • Best Practices for Scientific Computing. Only microscopy related insofar as you write software or macros to analyze images, but very good to bear in mind if you do [2]
  • Trimethoprim tagging for STORM imaging with Alexa 647 and Atto 655 [3]
  • MS2 fusions to SNAP-tags and DHFR for targeting small molecule dyes to RNAs in vivo[4]
  • Luminescence imaging using a short focal length tube lens [5]
  • An overview of the Vaa3D image analysis package [6]
  • X-ray microtomography of Xenopus development. [7]
  • Super-resolution imaging and quantitation of RNA polymerase using a mirror to perform light sheet imaging of the cell nucleus [8]
  • A fast-folding Dronpa variant, and a variant that is green-to-red photoconvertible (though tetrameric) [9]
  • New fluorophores to change the spectral properties of the Spinach / Spinach2 fluorescent RNA apatamers [10]
  • A blue light inducible degron [11]
  • A blue light inducible homodimerization system [12]
  • Using the CRISPR/Cas system for imaging of genomic loci in live cells [13]
  • A new ratiometric calcium senso [14]
  • A direct measure of photoactivation efficency for photoactivatible fluorescent proteins [15]
  • A real-time FISH assay for measurement of RNA transcription rates [16]
  • Metal-induced energy transfer for measuring distances between dyes and a metal film, used to map the height of the basal membrane of cells with one nanometer accuracy. [17]
  • A review of genetically encoded fluorescent biosensors for phosphorylation [18]
  • A clever trick using SNAP-tag labeling of a solvatochromic dye for no-wash imaging of plasma membrane proteins [19]


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