Paper Roundup: November 2013

  • A review on determining protein quaternary structure by FRET. I’m a little skeptical of their ability to extract as much information from (typically noisy) FRET data as they want to, but it’s an interesting review nonetheless. [1]
  • Using GFP-labeled TALEs to fluorescently label chromosomal regions [2]
  • Another compressed sensing algorithm for fast STORM/PALM imaging [3]
  • A review on Raman microscopy [4]
  • STED imaging of individual diamond nitrogen vacancies with ~10 nm resolution [5]
  • Ultra-high speed 3D imaging of second harmonic generation using holography [6]
  • Single molecule super-resolution imaging used to count molecules and measure the fraction of dimers [7]
  • High speed 3D holographic imaging of ciliary beating [8]
  • Temperature sensitive GFPs for measurement of the temperature inside cells [9]
  • An improved version of the spinach aptamer, spinach2, for fluorescent labeling of RNAs [10]
  • A new method for monovalent functionalization of quantum dots for single molecule labeling and imaging [11]
  • A new method for segmenting nuclei. It has a nice overview of current algorithms for nuclear segmentation in the introduction [12]
  • A microfluidic method for trapping cells in droplets and imaging them for long periods of time [13]
  • A review of superresolution localization methods, specifically on fitting algorithms [14]
  • An introduction to machine learning approaches for analyzing imaging data in cell biology [15]


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